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guidance for job interview

Again, a tried and true question to ask a hiring manager, but one that can elicit anunderwhelming response if you cant slide it in before the very end of the interview. Wheres there an earlier opening? There are a few. Being asked about your weaknesses is one good segue for asking tactfully about any negative aspects of the organization you mightveuncovered in your researchpain points or otherwise.When youre asked to describe how you solved a major challenge at work is another good opportunity. You might already have landed on the answers to questions like these from your research, but its always better to hear directly from a hiring manager. Not only can it give you the inside scoop, that can also provide you a chance to explainhow you can help them with the problem that keeps them up at night. 4. What Are You Most Proud Of Right Now? When youre asked to name whatyou consider your biggeststrengths, turn the tables and ask about the companys latest achievements, as well as its values and strengths.

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