A Quick A-z On Important Issues In Training For Neurosurgery

(NVIV)today announced that a new patient with a T8-9 fracture dislocation injury has been enrolled into The INSPIRE Study (InVivo Study of Probable Benefit of the Neuro-Spinal Scaffold for Safety and Neurologic Recovery in Subjects with Complete Thoracic AIS A Spinal Cord Injury) at the Carolinas Medical Center in Charlotte, NC. Domagoj Coric, M.D., of Carolina Neurosurgery and Spine Associates, Chief of Neurosurgery at the Carolinas Medical Center and a member of the INSPIRE Study Steering Committee, performed the implantation with his partner, Samuel Chewning, M.D. Surgery was performed approximately 19 hours after the injury occurred. try this web-siteDr. Coric and Dr. William Bockenek, Chief Medical Officer at Carolinas Rehabilitation, are Co-principal Investigators at this site. Implantation of the Neuro-Spinal Scaffold went smoothly and the patient is doing well, Dr. Coric said. I have now implanted five patients with different injury types and locations, and the implantation procedure has been consistently uncomplicated.

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