Some Background Questions For Strategies In Job Negotiation

PHOTO BY ALEX SAKARIASSEN Constitution.” That’s the kind of hard-nosed negotiation that has become synonymous with Democratic politics. With their governor in office and state law on their side, the party has agreed with Republicans’ interpretation of the Constitution and opted to save us the hassle of a lawsuit. Montana will simply go without representation in the House between Zinke’s appointment and the special election. Such razor-sharp instincts might also explain why many Democrats have suggested running Denise Juneau again. find out here nowI believe Juneau would make a fine representative. As Montana’s superintendent of public instruction, she has experience forging compromises among constituents with competing interests. She is also a woman and an American Indiantwo groups that are badly underrepresented in the U.S. House. The only reason I can think of for Democrats not to nominate her is that she lost an election for the same office six weeks ago. Maybe she only lost because of Zinke’s awesome power as a candidate, but Democrats should not test that hypothesis by re-running a candidate who just lost by 16 points.

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Just because the pay isn’t negotiable doesn’t mean other aspects of the job aren’t. Entering a salary negotiation well-informed and prepared will boost your chances of success. It’s a risky strategy, but you could call the employer’s bluff and get an offer of just what you wanted all along. Save issues for later discussion. Give yourself some time to think things over rationally. From where?” Knowing I probably don’t want to work there, and that my friend had to meet with 4 different people for more than 5 hours, should I go on the interview anyway so that I have that higher offer on the table that I can use for a counteroffer?” What kind of environment are you negotiating in? can I handle questions about salary during an interview?

job negotiation

job negotiation

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