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Summer of Testing Concludes for NASA’s Journey to Mars As NASA readies for the next stage of testing, flight hardware for the first mission is in production for both the core stage and the interim cryogenic propulsion stage, added Jacqueline Nesselroad, director of Boeing operations at Michoud. On the Orion program, Lockheed Martin engineering teams recently finished proof pressure testing of the EM-1 crew module at Kennedy Space Center in Florida, a critical milestone in certifying the structural integrity of the vehicle for its next mission. click here to find out moreAt the same time, engineers are conducting a series of critical acoustic and vibration tests for the service module at NASA Glenns Plum Brook Station in Sandusky, Ohio. In August, the Aerojet Rocketdyne-manufactured jettison motor for Orions Launch Abort System successfully test fired 45,000 pounds of thrust at the companys Sacramento facility. In keeping with the approach of testing like you fly, water impact tests have been conducted by NASA and Lockheed Martin at the agencys Langley Research Center in Hampton, Virginia. These tests study the effects various water landing impacts will have on the crew to ensure engineers understand splashdown scenarios after the space flight. Read More Another critical element in ensuring crew safety is Orions entry parachute system. The parachutes will slow the capsule down from its high-speed re-entry of 25,000 mph to a relatively gentle 20 mph for splashdown. This fall, the parachute team is beginning qualification tests of the system for human flights, encompassing eight integrated drop tests that will simulate a variety of landing scenarios. NASA and the SLS and Orion industry team remain on schedule in executing a highly successful test program as the U.S.

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