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Their effectiveness as contraception and as a barrier for the entry of STI causing pathogens, coupled with female and active responsibility linked with female condoms for preventing pregnancy are some of the factors encouraging women to use female condoms. Further, a Chinese company “Dahua Medical Apparatus Company”producing female condoms has been approved by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the United Nations Population Fund for global distribution as another effective and safe form of contraception. Female condoms in China are on the government’s purchase list and they are usually distributed by local family planning groups. Although market for female condoms is on the lower side, the demand is rising at a steady pace. visit this web-siteConsumer preference for female condoms has shown a positive impact on the condoms market in China. In addition, strengthening economic conditions in China has led to an increase in the average income of consumers and that in turn has resulted in aspiration for a better quality of lifestyle among the residents of China. This factor has in turn fuelled the demand for condoms among the Chinese population, and the demand is only expected to go up in terms of quality and quantity. Therefore, China is considerable an attractive market for brand enterprises and international condom manufacturers. Polyurethane, polyisoprene, lamb skin and pu leather are some of the materials that are majorly used to manufacture condoms. PU leather accounted for the lowest market share among the material types of condoms accounting for less than 5% of the total condom market in China. Condoms are very sensitive to high temperature and can melt if exposed to direct sunlight or a direct heat source and they should not be carried around in a wallet which is placed next to the body.

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But then, we can easily do away with the use of animals for cosmetic testing or other similar procedures – which definitely amount to inhumane behaviour on our part. ✦ Who are likely to suffer from female sexual dysfunction? ✦ Can I continue working/driving/travelling? Which Hollywood film showed the first toilet flush? When the endometrium starts growing within the muscular wall of myometrium, the condition is recognized as adenomyosis. These medications help in decreasing the thickness of the endometrium and make it thinner. anaesthesiologists are skilful doctors who are responsible for administering anaesthesia to the patient prior to a surgery. Those against the practice argue that animals, pretty much like us humans, have the right to live, and we need to accept that instead of killing them with the intention of improving our quality of life. There are several stages that await her at every turning point in life, such as menarche, pregnancy, childbirth, and menopause, each having its own problems. They can even oversee and coordinate activities of nurses and other health care personnel. A malformed uterus may affect pregnancy and the risk may vary with the type of malformation and various other factors.

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