An In-depth Examination Of Key Aspects For Qualification For Emergency Medicine

Seniors swap hospital visits for iPads “We need an answer for those patients.” Mercy says the Virtual Care Center, launched in October 2015, is the first of its kind: a $54 million, four-story “hospital without beds” that houses zero patients. It’s home to a variety of “telemedicine” programs that allow Mercy to care for patients remotely round-the-clock. Caring for an 80-year-old stroke victim A new Mercy Virtual pilot program is focused on remote care for patients in their homes. The initial pilot includes 250 patients with complex chronic illnesses. One of those patients is Leroy Strubberg, 80, who suffers from cardiac issues and is recovering from three mini-strokes. “When I was a kid, when you were sick the doctor came to your house,” Strubberg told CNNMoney. Leroy talks with his navigator at Mercy Virtual. Times have changed, and Strubberg lives on a cattle farm in New Haven, Missouri, more than an hour away from Mercy St. Louis. So Mercy enrolled Strubberg in the in-home care program. He now talks with Mercy Virtual Care staffers, called “navigators,” twice a week.

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emergency medicine

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