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Big sbn logo dark.vd93497c There are hundreds and hundreds of Teixeira memories the true believers and hardcore fans can share balls hit into the gap, walk-off hits but the rest of us get to say things like, “Wow. That guy was really good for a long time” and leave it at that. I would like to make the argument, though, that we shouldnt take Teixeira for granted. No, he wont get a rocking chair made out of bats when he plays his last game against the Minnesota Twins, and the San Diego Padres dont have to worry about making him a surfboard. There wont be on-field ceremonies. But Ill remember him distinctly for three reasons. 1. interview skills university of kentHitting baseballs really, really well for a long time Seems like this is the most important one. Ill put it up top because I dont want it to seem like Im minimizing his fantastic career. He could hit baseballs better than almost anyone who has ever tried. Dont forget that part.

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DEMOVSKY: Well, he was the third-string quarterback. he was never able to impress coach Jerry Glanville because Brett missed meetings. He liked to go out and enjoy the Atlanta nightlife. Jerry Glanville actually said that he went to several bars where he knew Favre would hang out and asked them to stop serving him because it was interfering with his ability to basically learn how to be an NFL quarterback. CORNISH: So what made the Green Bay Packers finally take a look at him? You write that they hired a new general manager, Ron Wolf. But this first year in Atlanta doesn’t sound like an exciting one. DEMOVSKY: No. Ron Wolf, before he got hired by the Packers, was a scout for the New York Jets. And he rated Brett Favre as the number-one player in the 1991 NFL draft. And so when Wolf got the job in Green Bay late in the 1991 season, he told the team president that he was going to trade a first round draft pick for this quarterback, even though Favre was the third-stringer in Atlanta.

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